I first approached Cristian after having completed my AS levels. I wished to apply to higher universities such as Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Durham. However what I had planned for my A2s was not enough for me to be given an offer to these types of universities. And so I had to aim for an A* in A level Mathematics and also take up an AS level in Further Mathematics. My first port of call was Cristian, as I had heard his success stories from a few of my school friends. He took me on without a problem, and we started straight away within the week of me enquiring. I had 6 modules to complete in a year: Core Math’s 3, Core Math’s 4, Further Pure Math’s 1, Mechanics 1, Statistics 2 and Statistics 3. Cristian showed no signs of holding back on me doing this large amount with him, which was an extremely helpful motivation for me to start my hard work on these. Not only did he help me learn and complete these modules, but he also encouraged me to take on another module (Statistics 4), adding up to 7 modules in one year, so that I had completed every single Statistics unit at A level. He urged me to do this because he believed it would make me seem more attractive to both universities and employers, and motivated me throughout learning them all. Due to the rarity of students taking this module, Cristian took it out of his own time outside of lessons to make sure he could teach me this level of advanced statistics with clarity and precision, which he did. I was and am extremely thankful for him doing this, as it showed total devotion to his students’ learning and I felt as though I was being individually catered for. Without Cristian’s motivation and advice, I would not have taken this extra module. I do believe that without taking this extra Math’s and without Cristian believing in me to take yet another module, I would not have earned an interview from Cambridge and offers from LSE, Bath and York like I did. Cristian’s tutoring approach is one that suited me extremely well and pushed me to perfect my mathematics skills. He tailors his approach to the individual student, which is evident when considering how unique my request was. The thing most important to me it seems was his willingness to help any student. The fact that my school teachers declined my request many times over whereas Cristian said yes the first time I called him suggests to me he would do the same for any pupil. At the start of year 13, I was predicted an A in A level Math’s, and had no prediction for the AS level in Further Math’s. With lessons every week throughout the whole year, we completed all 7 modules and I took the exams. I came out with an A* in Math’s and an A in AS level Further Math’s. I earned 100% and 94% in Core 3 and Core 4 exams, which Cristian enabled me to do with great time management between all of the modules I took. I also earned 91% in my Further Pure Math’s 1, a very challenging module, which Cristian taught me from scratch. In all of the Statistics modules, I earned scores around the 90% mark and actually achieved best in the module S4, which Cristian had never taught before due to only a very small number of students in the country taking it up; all of the teachers in my school declined teaching me it. Hence with these results, I have now confirmed to read Economics at the London School of Economics for the next three years. I am also extremely confident that thanks to Cristian’s Math’s Tuition that I will be more able to keep up with the extremely advanced university level mathematics that I will be encountering.

Jack Robinson

I first received tuition from Cristian a year before I sat my exam, the summer of 2013. At this point all my friends family and I would never have believed that I would have got an A* due to being lazy. However Thanks to Cristian this is a reality and from his perfect teaching strategy he was able to erase years of confusion and lack of effort. Unlike many other tutors lessons Cristian created an environment where you were able to have fun but learn at the same time. By actually allowing you to know him as an individual. I believe this allowed me to connect with Cristian and achieve my full potential and actually look forward to when I next saw him. What I was surprised at was that Cristian had more sources to hand than all my teachers at my school. For example past papers were hard to find on the internet as earlier editions form 2003-2008 where not available on the website never the less he was still able it give them to me. Due to the fact that the older papers were much harder this is what I know got me my A* Cristian pushing me to my limits and motivating me to learn. This year I am in 6th form at Newhall and am taking Math’s as an A level with the target of an A grade. This is an A level I would never have imagined taking if it was not for Cristian. Thanks to Cristian I have been able to prove to my school and myself my true potential.

George Davies

Hi I’m Jack and I asked Cristian to help me through my final year of Math’s A-Level at Saint Martins School. Unfortunately, I got a nasty surprise when my AS results came out as I received a grade much lower than I was expecting (C), this was after waltzing through my GCSE’s Math’s with minimal work and believing I could do the same thing. However, this was when I realized I really needed help. So I turned to Cristian. After just a few months of working with him, one or two hours a week, he boosted my confidence of doing Math’s. After I had finished my A2 exams I felt much more confident that I received the result I so badly wanted (an A). Once results came around, low and behold, I received an A at A-level Math’s. I quite simply run out of superlatives to describe Cristian, not only is he easy to talk to and a great tutor but he knows what he is talking about! Now I am at the University of Southampton studying Geography and I cannot give Cristian any higher praise as he is quite simply one of the best.

Jack Shaw

I am pleased to recommend Cristian who has been coaching both my son and daughter in GCSE Maths. Cristian is a reliable and friendly teacher who has established a good working relationship with both children. We contacted him on the advice of a friend whose child he had coached successfully at A-level. Initially Cristian worked with my son. He then additionally taught my daughter in the months following her GCSE mock through to the actual exam. The A grade she achieved was a two grade improvement from the C she had obtained in her mock. My son will take his GCSE in the coming year and is also forecast to achieve an A grade. Cristian makes his lessons fun and is able to ensure that what is taught at school is thoroughly absorbed and understood. I am sure that he can help any child to enjoy learning and to perform to their potential in Mathematics.

Patrick and Josie Urry

Saint Martins School

Cristian has helped immensely with both my daughter, Sophie and son George, with their Math’s GCSE and IGCSE respectively. Sophie achieved 2 C grades in her 4th year modules but after having tuition with Cristian she achieved 2 A grades and an A*, giving her an overall grade of A at GCSE George had tuition from Cristian in the 5th year and has just gained an A at IGCSE being only 2 marks away from an A*. We have been advised by the school to apply for a re-mark…. Awaiting results. George is going on to study Math’s at A level and will undoubtedly be applying to Cristian for further tuition. I have no hesitation in recommending Cristian as a tutor for Math’s. He is friendly, encouraging and covers all Math’s topics in depth to ensure the pupil has a full grasp of the area being covered. At no point did either of my children dread their extra Math’s lessons with Cristian. I have no doubt that without his help, their high grades would not have been achieved. Ann Castle

Sophie Castle

Brentwood School

Hello, my name is Rayan Qadri. I’m going into year 13 at King Edward the Sixth’s Grammar school, having achieved three A’s (one of them being in Math’s). When Cris came to me, I was in year 8 and had serious confidence problems when it came to Math’s. It was definitely my least favourite subject and in every assignment I would get most of the questions wrong, having not really understood classes. However, with Cris’ help Math’s has become much more enjoyable and straightforward over the years; his one hour lessons are quite fast paced and trusted me straight into the basics of each topic, until by the end of this hour I had mastered a new discipline. Cris explains every step he takes, and is not just an expert at Math’s but tutoring too. I moved nearer the top of my class confidently and Cris’ lessons have become a sort of safety net for every new difficulty my class work or homework presents me. With his help, I have no doubt I can achieve an A* in Math’s next year.

Rayan Qadri

King Edward VI Grammar School